Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

by D. Grady Scott Jr.

Those are five words that have the ability to kill dreams, derail noble efforts, and discourage even the most valiant of us all.  Perhaps the person saying that had your best interest at heart.  They may even be haters who just don’t want anybody to succeed.  Nevertheless, this statement has a little wisdom to it.

Now before you become discouraged, permit me to challenge you!  I double dare you to dream big.  Indeed, it’s okay to dream as large as you can.  That being said, what’s the point of daydreaming if there is no action taken?  Before you get riled up and quit your job, pump your brakes and keep reading.

True; people can kill your dreams, but we have the uncanny ability to kill our own dreams!  Yes, some people seem to quit a dull job to follow their dreams and come out big.  Yet, that really is an exception, and I’d hate to see you mess up.

Here’s a little wisdom!  When you have a job, you have stability.  This stability acts as a safety net.  Often times, we get so entangled in the safety net that we no longer pursue our dreams.  Others, get tired of the mundane routine and bail ship.  Thus they cut their safety net to venture off and follow their dreams.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with chasing a dream; however, why not pursue your dream with your safety net.  You never know when you’re going to need to fall back on it!  In other words, one could deem it prudent to continue your day job.  While on the job, you start taking steps toward your dreams.  Only when your dream becomes tangible (i.e. the income that you bring in from chasing the dream can replace your income), should you consider quitting your day job.  Would you jump from an airplane without a parachute?  Use your support (job/income/etc.) to build a bridge between your dreams and your reality!

Yes, that may require more work, more energy spent, and more time, but you have the assurance that you can support yourselfYou avoid the “do or die” scenario; and should you miss your dream mark, you can re-calibrate your aim and fire again!  In addition to those benefits, you may find yourself aiming even higher because you have nothing to lose. 

I have worked with many great musicians who had monumental dreams.  Some risked it all and quit jobs to follow dreams (I think only 3 of them are doing anything worth writing about).  Others, are content on just dreaming.  Still some, are supporting their dreams with multiple jobs!

Whatever your situation, however large your dream, I believe you can achieve it!  The biggest obstacle sometimes are of our own device.  Should someone say to you: “don’t quit your day job”, don’t look at that as an attack on your dream.  Look at that as a wise golden nugget (even if it is said by haters)!  I’m certain with wisdom on your side, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do!

Dreaming big, about to go to bed to dream even bigger!

D. Grady Scott Jr.
Low Key Music Entertainment

P.s.  Here’s a dream that I could use help to accomplish. We’re starting a drive to help fund a Berklee College education.  Even with two full-time jobs, a part-time job (teaching kids on weekends), and side projects (producing two CD albums) we’re still coming up short.

The goal is to graduate from Berklee and extend our musical network.  This will help us attract more teachers (for the kids).  We’ll be able to not only record them, but distribute their work out to contacts made at Berklee and abroad.  Please consider helping us out!  Your donation (of any size) is greatly appreciated; and will help ensure that we can continue to help the music community. 
As a way of saying thank you for your donations, we’re putting together a gift set of music CD’s that were composed by Low Key Music Entertainment staff.  Check out the details here!

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